Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies

Over the last 50 years since its formation, the Asian American Studies program, now renamed Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies (AAADS), has not only shaped the teaching and research on race and Asian American communities at Berkeley, but also the fields of Asian American Studies and Ethnic Studies nationally and internationally. AAADS has produced, and continues to seed and nurture, generations of scholars, thought leaders, and changemakers whose contributions span all sectors of American society including the academy, the arts, politics, science and technology, law, education, medicine, and civil society. 

A flagship program in the nation and an invaluable intellectual home for many Berkeley students, the vision and vitality of AAADS rest on the research, teaching, and mentorship of the faculty featured on this page. The trailblazers spotlighted here not only broke new grounds in their respective fields; they helped form those fields. They are also pioneering women both in and beyond the academy who faced challenges on multiple fronts, and thrived, in their path to excellence. 

"The program has been steadfast in keeping alive the flame of its founding values, such as anti-racism, gender equality, community building, activism, pan-ethnic alliance, and social justice."

- Professor Emerita Sau-Ling Wong