As I walk these paths

As I Walk these Paths: Honoring the Unheralded Courage of the African American Women Pioneers of the University of California, Berkeley

An essay by Gia White, Administrative Director, Global, International, & Area Studies/IES, UC Berkeley

“Thus has the Negro girl proven her right to a share of democracy. Rights and liberties of civilized humanity include the right to move freely over the face of the earth. Yet after Negro girls have labored to acquire the needed education and culture, most of the doors of industry are shut in their faces, not because of their inability, but because of their color.” Vivian Osborne Marsh, Oakland Tribune, May 9, 1926

A glance, a scent, a sound. All vehicles of memory and imagination that can transport us at any time and in any place. The sound of the Campanile bells this morning; strong, solid, reverberating, marking time as we know it as they do every day. But this day, they summon me to celebrate the courageous young African American women who came before me and whose very presence is woven into the fabric of the history of the University of California, Berkeley.

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