Berkeley Women Staff: In Present

For 150 years women staff have given their careers to students, faculty, and other staff through supervising, training, coaching sports, fixing computers, advising and counseling students, cleaning dorms, serving meals, managing finances and payroll, maintaining grounds, analyzing research, designing programs, and so much more. Yet, little has been recorded about the women staff of Berkeley. The accomplishments of extraordinary faculty, students, and alumni have been documented with greater care.

Staff are diverse in profession and identity, reflecting the demographics of the communities around campus. Historically, non-academic staff have come from less-privileged backgrounds than faculty or students. The absence of a documented history of staff speaks to this. This inequality is not unique to UC Berkeley, but is common in higher education.

Profiled below are examples of some of the women staff who made--and for some, continue to make--remarkable contributions to UC Berkeley. Some have made tremendous contributions that were recorded in our historical documents. Some have been nominated by past or present colleagues. By shining a light on these women we wish to provide some recognition of the important legacies of women staff.

[New staff will continue to be added through the end of 2020. Please return to this page to be introduced to more extraordinary UC Berkeley women.]