Black Women Matter

Recognizing the Legacies of Black Women at Cal

To celebrate 150W, we honor some of the many Black women pioneers at the University of California, Berkeley with profiles of their legacies. Reflecting on Black History Month, UC President Michael V. Drake here acknowledges the contributions of Black leaders to the history of UC. We are committed to highlighting both the past struggles and achievements of Black women affiliated with the campus. 

150W logo with Black Lives Matter banner incorporatedMessage from the 150W Executive Committee:

The 150W project announces a new version of the 150W logo featuring "Black Lives Matter". 150W is, in part, a celebration of the contributions of women over the history of UC Berkeley. That includes celebrating a number of incredible, remarkable, Black and brown women. But that number is not nearly what it could or should be. 150W is also a history project. Any history of UC Berkeley includes the honest and painful recognition that societal and institutional racism excluded so many women from the UC student body, staff, and professoriate, and put obstacles in their paths every step of the way. We grieve this oppression. It has caused tremendous loss and pain to individuals, to UC, to society. At 150W, the stories of Black women's lives matter. We are committed to lifting up those stories, as well as to shining an honest light on the places where those stories are grievously absent, due to oppression that as a society we have not yet addressed.